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Growth StrategiesEdit

One ot the ultimate goals needs to be a necessity early on, and that is acheiving level 21 for your castle and all buildings.  That is a lot harder said than done.  At level 21 however your buildings give you special or enhanced boosts.  Let's take a look at some reasonable and strategic ways to grow appropriately.


  • Hero Skills:  Grow your hero and max out your Construction I first.  Then Max out Research I next.  Once your hero hits level 28 approximately, you can reset your hero and assign all your skill points into Construction II and Construction I.  Then proceed to apply points into Research I and II.  Use this tactic to super boost your growth speed and reduce the time it takes you to get to where you need to be.  Later on we can switch those points back to be a war machine.  
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  • There needs to be at least a couple war mongers in your alliance.  These players need to invest several hundred, if not thousands of gold, into the war hall, so they can lead armies of glorious sizes.  These war commanders need to put all their strength into increasing military troop strength.  That includes offensive combat training, hero skills and high level gems and gears.
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Offensive Military CommanderEdit

  • Focus Hero skills into Troop Attack Plus first and foremost. 
  • Boost Siege Attack majorly using gems, hero skills, and research.  Siege will be an important part of the strategy because you need to tear down walls quick.  Also you will most likely use them in every march/rally.  
  • Using Ranged units is a smart choice because you have to do some pretty extensive hero skilling in that sector before unlocking siege skills.
  • Marching Speed shoud be increased as much as possible, but secondarily to troops boosts.  Increasing VIP is a great way to inherently increase marching speed without using hero skills.  Research is another way.  

Defensive Military CommanderEdit

  • Focus Hero skills into Troop Defense and Troop Health boosts, first and foremost.
  • Research should be dedicated to the most commonly used troops in your alliance.  Spreading the research out among all of the three troop types.
  • Gears and gems used should focus primarily on enhancing troop defense, and troop health first and foremost. 

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